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When to Visit an Urgent Care for Coughing

September 28, 2022

A cough that sticks around for a few days after a cold or change in the weather is nothing to worry about. Many people experience this a few times per year. But, if your cough seems to be lingering longer than normal, you may be wondering whether to seek professional help.  You should consider visiting...  read more

What Your Stool Color, Shape, and Smell is Telling You

August 27, 2022

It may be taboo to discuss, but your stool indicates your body’s general health. When a patient is complaining of gastrointestinal symptoms, one of the first questions a doctor will often ask is the size, smell, and shape of their stool. This article will discuss the different characteristics of stool that you should be aware...  read more

Sunburn vs. Sun Poisoning: What's the Difference?

July 25, 2022

With summer in full swing, people are flocking to the beach, having parties at the pool, and spending time at the park. Unfortunately, without enough sunscreen, all of this fun in the sun can lead to sunburn and even sun poisoning.  Sunburn and sun poisoning are commonly confused, but there are distinct differences between the...  read more

The Dangers of High Cholesterol

June 28, 2022

Close to 94 million adults over the age of 20 in the United States have cholesterol levels that exceed 200 mg/dL, which is considered high cholesterol. This widespread health concern has no symptoms but presents many notable risks, including: Coronary Heart Disease High levels of cholesterol in the blood can lead to atherosclerosis, which is...  read more

What’s Considered a Fever And When to See a Doctor

May 20, 2022

A fever is your body’s method of protecting itself against infection. When you have a fever, your body temperature will temporarily rise. It’s considered a low-grade fever if it reaches a temperature of at least 99℉ and a high fever if it reaches a temperature of 102℉ or higher.  When To See a Doctor For...  read more

Why Do I Feel Off-Balance?

April 20, 2022

Numerous systems in the body help keep you on balance, day in and day out. If one or more of these systems isn’t working properly, you may start to feel off-balance.   Balance problems can be disorienting – you may feel dizzy, lightheaded, or like the room is spinning. These issues can be triggered by certain...  read more

Does My Child Have Appendicitis?

April 10, 2022

As a parent, it can be distressing for your child to experience pain. If your child complains of abdominal pain, in particular, you may wonder if they have appendicitis.  Appendicitis occurs when the appendix, which is a small pouch that’s connected to the large intestine, becomes inflamed. In most cases of appendicitis, the patient will...  read more

Can Your Doctor Help You Reach Your Weight Loss Goals?

March 20, 2022

Struggling to achieve your weight loss goals can be frustrating, to say the least. But, before throwing up your hands, you should consider talking to your doctor.  Clinical weight loss plans are often the most effective for long-term weight loss. Your doctor can provide personalized recommendations based on your body’s unique needs. Additionally, with a...  read more

When to Take Your Child to the Doctor for a Fever

March 10, 2022

As a parent, it can be stressful to see your child come down with a fever. While there are several possible reasons for a fever in children, it’s generally caused by infection.  Understanding when to take your child to the doctor for fever can help diffuse fear and ensure that your child gets the proper...  read more

COVID in Babies and Kids

February 20, 2022

While COVID-19 cases are dropping nationwide, the virus is still circulating. Unfortunately, babies and t children of any age can catch COVID-19 and experience its symptoms. As a parent, understanding how COVID-19 symptoms present in children can help you protect and care for your child.  The Severity of COVID-19 Infections in Children Babies and kids...  read more

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