Kids with Fever



Fever is a common sign of infection. When your child has a fever it can be a frightening experience, particularly when there is no obvious indication as to its cause and they are not quite acting themselves.

Suncoast Urgent Care is staffed by both Emergency Medicine Board Certified Physicians and Family Practice providers. Be assured Pediatric Fever is a major study point in Emergency Medicine and our providers are thoroughly ready to take care of your child, evaluate all possible causes of fever and put both your loved one and you at ease.

If your pediatrician is not available, it is after hours or your child does not have a doctor do not worry ! You can walk in anytime ! No appointments are ever necessary !

We also have all the technology available to evaluate your child. Most often a thorough history and physical examination by one of our providers will lead to a diagnosis. However, we have onsite testing available for strep throat, mono, urinary tract infections as well as digital x-ray if necessary.

Kids do not choose when they get sick and you cannot plan ahead. Rest assured you can walk in any day, 7 days a week, including evenings Monday through Saturday and one of our providers will care for you and your child.

Call us now with any question or drive right over to our closest location.

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