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Reviews from our patients:

"Many thanks to the physicians and staff that cared for my mother. She had a very large wound on her leg. The doctor spent quite a long time repairing her injury. Following this my mother had to return for multiple wound checks. Your staff was wonderful and pleasant every time we returned for a visit. We will definitely be letting our friends know about this wonderful place."



"My son had a severe allergic reaction to multiple fire ant stings he got while at football practice. When we arrived at the urgent care I was in a panic. Your staff hurried him to a room in the back and brought the physician to his side immediately. I was so worried, but the attention from the physician and nurses who stayed in the room with my son and me while they gave him injections and monitored his heart rate and blood pressure made me feel very calm and safe. Thank you so much for being there for us."



"We love having you in our community. Our daughter takes gymnastics very close to Suncoast Urgent Care. She is not the first one whose parents have had to drive her quickly over to Suncoast after an injury. The physician was very competent and very friendly, and being able to have her get xrays immediately at your facility is just wonderful. Luckily she did not have a broken bone but having you so close by and knowing how great the care has been is a terrific comfort."



"Suncoast Urgent Care has become our son's hockey team 'go to trauma clinic' ! The collar bone fractures have been epidemic, although there have been other injuries as well. Knowing we can hustle over to Suncoast in the evening has been a real lifesaver. We now keep your magnet on the bulletin board and your number in my phone."



"When the family gets sick mom knows where to go. Your staff is terrific , caring and competent. Its wonderful that I can bring my kids, my husband or my mom and dad to the same spot for great care when any one of them get sick. Thanks for being there from the entire family! "



"Thank you for your expertise and compassion in taking care of my mother., (name) . A recent injury to her left leg was significant. Your clinical skill and intervention are without doubt the reasons for her welcomed recovery. (Getting her to follow discharge instructions as home was my challenge !). Many thanks to your caring staff, Lori and Bruce in particular for their kindness, reassurances and explanations. Quality care with compassion was provided by all we met. My thanks to you !"



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