SUNCOAST URGENT CARE offers several covid tests.

  1. Same day test and results within 15 minutes. This is an ANTIGEN (NAA) test. Insurance does not cover this test, however if you need your results promptly this is your option.
  2. PCR tests with next day results !!! If you are travelling this will be the test you want ! We offer the "SalivaDirect" test developed at Yale University. This is a highly accurate test. We require 1 milliliter of saliva in our collection vial. ***
    1. please note, it is required that you not eat for 30 minutes prior to collection and not drink fluids for 15 minutes prior to collection.
    2. this test will be available starting Wednesday June 16.
  3. Conventional PCR testing via Oral or Nasopharyngeal swab. Results are also typically available the following day.

Please note, to get results back the next day they must leave the office today ! The courier will collect our samples around 5pm on any given day except Sunday. If you arrive after the courier arrives your sample will go out the NEXT day and the results will therefore be available the day after that. On Sundays our courier picks up tests around 2pm.

If the timing of your results are crucial please make sure to come to our clinic prior to pickup time.

Make sure to check the requirements of the place you are visiting to determine which tests are acceptable. For example, Austria will accept a PCR test performed no more than 72 hours prior to departure, however they will also accept the ANTIGEN test performed no more than 48 hours prior to departure.


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