Workers Comp Telemedicine

Suncoast Urgent Care and Occupational Medicine now offers the speed, convenience and ease of access to the same providers we have in our clinics to see your patients from home or the worksite !

We are able to handle many of our cases right from the work site ! Register today to get your site prepared for any accident.

New Patient Encounters :

We are able to evaluate many injuries:

  • sprains and strains
  • back injuries and neck injuries
  • bruises and contusions
  • burns and other skin injuries
  • repetitive use injuries

Keep in mind if there is a concern that an injury is more severe the provider may request the employee to come in to one of our clinics. However, should this be the case the employee will be able to see the same provider they just spoke with via telemedicine ! Picking up at the clinic right where they left off on the phone ! Most of their evaluation will already be complete and that means a faster office visit !

Follow Up Patients:

We are now able to see our follow up visits via telemedicine as well. This is both more convenient and faster for the employee, with set appointment times our providers can re-evalute :

  • wounds and burns
  • sprains and strains
  • back and neck injuries
  • many more, just check in with our advisor !
Working on keeping staff safe.

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