October, 2020

Why Making Lifestyle Changes Is Necessary for Weight Loss Success

Thursday, October 15th, 2020

Lifestyle changes are an absolute necessity when it comes to weight loss. In fact, the biggest reason that people fail in meeting their weight loss goals is that they do not make any changes to their lifestyle as a whole. Most diets are focused on fast weight loss through means that aren't meant to be kept up for long periods of time. So where is the balance? Here’s what you need to know about building lifestyle changes for weight loss success.

Lifestyle changes allow you to maintain your weight loss.

When you make lifestyle changes rather than just going on a fad diet, you are able to better maintain your weight loss after the diet ends. A diet is something temporary to lose weight, but lifestyle changes are designed to be long-term solutions to managing weight over time.  (more…)

COVID testing , Antigen versus RNA

Wednesday, October 7th, 2020

Tests explained !

There are many tests available at this point. Some are done with blood and some with swabs from the nasopharynx and now some from saliva samples.

The MOST accurate test available is the RT-PCR test, most often performed using a nasopharyngeal swab. These tests are typically sent out to a lab that can perform this very sophisticated test. There is one manufacturer at present that makes this test available to do in the clinic but it is not widely available.

The commonly advertised RAPID test uses an "antigen" test. This machine looks for the presence of proteins from the virus whereas the RT-PCR test looks for the genetic material RNA from the virus. The rapid antigen test is NOT as accurate. In fact there is discussion that a patient with symptoms suggestive of COVID who has a negative antigen test should STILL HAVE a RT-PCR test to confirm that the rapid antigen test is correct.

Most experts agree the best use for the RAPID ANTIGEN test is to screen asymptomatic patients, not to diagnose COVID in someone with symptoms.

Suncoast Urgent Care is currently just performing the RT-PCR test and we have very consistently had 48 hour turnaround times for this test.

If you need a test to travel out of the country, or for return to school in Pasco and Pinellas counties, these all require the RT-PCR test, they will NOT accept an antigen test.

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