September, 2013

Suncoast Urgent Care Sponsored Cheval Cares to Benefit the Pediatric Cancer Foundation

Sunday, September 29th, 2013

Suncoast Urgent Care sponsored the 2nd annual Cheval Cares 5K Family Fun Run 2013.  It was so much fun! and the event that took place at Cheval Athletic Club in Lutz on Saturday, September 28th benefited The Pediatric Cancer Foundation.  Thanks to Tabetha and Jessica for manning our booth!

Tabetha and Jessica at Cheval Cares. Proceeds went to The Pediatric Cancer Foundation.



Ankle and Knee Injuries in Sports

Thursday, September 19th, 2013

Schools are back in session and that means kids athletics are here again as well. Unfortunately, what also comes along with sports are injuries. We have experience evaluating both kids and adults for sports injuries involving both the upper and lower extremities.

In football season we see a significant number of ankle and knee injuries as well as foot injuries.

It is always best when you are concerned that your child has pain in the knee, ankle or foot after a sports injury to have it evaluated. If they have swelling of the area and difficulty putting weight on the leg this could signify a broken bone. Kids also have growth plates, areas in the bone where growth is occurring. These are very susceptible to injury and damage if injuries go undiagnosed. The outcome can be abnormal growth of this bone following an injury.

Do not wait for pain in an extremity to go away if your child has difficulty putting weight on it. Come to us and let one of our physicians examine the joint and decide whether an x-ray is necessary. We have digital x-ray on site and our physicians have extensive experience reading these x-rays. If there is a fracture or concern about a broken bone we will place the patient in a splint to keep the injury safely immobilized until further specialist evaluation can be obtained.

With locations in Spring Hill and New Port Richey we have you covered.

Drug Testing for Pre - Employment Physicals and Post Injury Examination

Wednesday, September 18th, 2013

Suncoast Urgent Care offers most of the various panels requested by employers for pre-employment physicals as well as post-injury testing often required by employers. Feel free to call us if you need information for your business.

Located in New Port Richey, Pasco County and Spring Hill, Hernando County.


DOT Physicals for Truck Drivers

Wednesday, September 18th, 2013

Suncoast Urgent Care Centers provides comprehensive DOT (Department of Transportation) physicals. Bring in your form and we do the rest. All tests required to complete your license can be done during one visit.  Let us help you get re-certified quickly and hassle free. We do physical examinations for CDL licensing as well.

Suncoast Urgent Care Supports Challenger K8 Computer Lab Upgrade

Wednesday, September 11th, 2013

Suncoast Urgent Care is proud to be a Challenger K8 Community Partner in Spring Hill.   We are thrilled to be able to support an upgrade to Challenger K8’s computer lab which will help to provide enhanced academic opportunities to students.

A description from Challenger K8:

Challenger K8 Community Partners.. iMac Lab Upgrade.. to provide a technical Career Academy in Adobe and Microsoft for our students. It allows Challenger's students to earn Industry Based Certification in an onsite professional development curriculum.  Students will earn high school credit and enhance student career-readiness, improve academics and help build a strong foundation for the student to continue certification at the high school level.  The current iMacs that the school has are over 9 years old and can't support the software programs needed for this endeavor and others.


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