What to Do When a Tree Limb Falls

Wednesday, April 15th, 2020, 4:17 pm

Spring storms can often weaken tree limbs or cause dead trees to fall. This can be very hazardous, and some injuries could be serious. If you have a tree limb fall on you or someone else in your yard, you will likely need to seek medical attention. Here’s what you should do.

Carefully Remove the Tree Limb

The first priority is to free the person from the tree limb. Lift the limb and slide it over to the side carefully, trying not to bump or jar the person. If the tree limb is too large to lift, you may need to call for help.

Assess Injuries Before Moving

It is important to assess injuries before moving after the limb has been removed. While some injuries may not be seen right away, they could still be serious. If the person believes they have injured their back or neck you should not move them, but call 911. However, as long as they don’t have a neck or back injury, it should be safe to move them and take them to an urgent care for evaluation and assessment.

Stop Bleeding

If there is significant bleeding from a wound from the tree limb, you should work quickly to stop the bleeding before seeking medical attention. You can stop bleeding by applying pressure with a gauze pad, or you can cut off blood flow with a tourniquet near the bleeding.

Immobilize Limbs

If you suspect that a leg, arm, or joint has been seriously injured in the fall, you should try to immobilize the limb or joint before going to an urgent care center. You can immobilize the limb by wrapping it in an ace bandage with or without support, depending on the situation.

If you or a loved one is injured by a falling tree limb, contact us for an appointment or walk in for treatment.

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