When You Should Not Assume That It’s Allergies

Friday, May 15th, 2020, 3:51 pm

Although it is almost summer, springtime allergies are still a problem for many people. Every year, more and more people are affected by seasonal allergies. These allergies can begin anytime during your lifetime, and symptoms are usually very mild in the first couple of seasons. Allergy symptoms include chronic cough, sneezing, runny nose, itchy or watery eyes, and nasal congestion. 

These symptoms can also be a sign of other health conditions. It is important to make an appointment with your primary care doctor or an allergist if you think you may have allergies so that you can be tested and treated for seasonal allergies. But in the meantime, there are a few things to watch for that should send you to urgent care right away instead of waiting for an appointment.

Coronavirus Pandemic and COVID-19

With the current pandemic, it is even more important that you get your symptoms checked by a doctor. Nasal congestion, such as is common with seasonal allergies, is one of the hallmark symptoms of COVID-19. If you are running a fever, even if mild, or if your symptoms came on suddenly, you should see a doctor right away to rule out coronavirus infection. 

Other Environmental Allergies

You may have other allergies, newly developed or as of yet undiscovered, that could be causing your symptoms. There are a lot of allergens and pollutants in the air we breathe, and all of them can cause a reaction. Your allergy symptoms may not be related to seasonal allergies or hay fever, but to another allergen. This is why it is so important to get tested for allergies instead of making the determination yourself.

Sometimes other allergens can cause severe allergy symptoms. If you develop a thick and painful rash, hives, swelling of the mouth or throat, or shortness of breath, you should visit your nearest emergency room or urgent care center as soon as possible.

If you are in need of an urgent care center, we are here to assist you. Call for an appointment or come in today.

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